[Guaranteed!] 15 Super Amazing Health Benefits of Zobo Drink

On our previous post we explained in detail how to make zobo drink but due to popular demand from our amazing readers and visitors we had to shed more light on the Health benefits of zobo drink.

I call zobo drink a liquid snack and as we all know that snacks are quickly made in few minutes, zobo drink can thus be a quickie to serve guests aside the natural water we serve.

The sweetened water extracted drink is made from dried calyx of edible Hibiscus sabdariffa, not the one for flower vases.

health benefits of zobo drink - Hibiscus Sabdariffa Flower Extract
Hibiscus Sabdariffa

Zobo drink also known as Roselle drink or called Sorrel drink by the Caribbean which is made from Roselle plants. It is also one of the popularly consumed beverages in Nigeria especially if it’s served chilled, you know what I mean.

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15 Amazing Health Benefits of Zobo Drink

You can bet that after the hustling and bustling under our scorchy sun as unlazy Nigerians, and a good Samaritan serves you a glass of chilled zobo drink, with ice cubes added to it, oh my oh my; that message it sends to the brain cannot be fully emphasized.

health benefits of zobo drink for the body

I’m sure that after reading the health benefits of zobo drink, you’ll want to give it a try either making it yourself at home, or you order from us because I need to make some cool cash *winks*.

Let’s run a quickie on the ingredients. The zobo leaves can be complemented with garlic, pineapple, ginger, lime, lemon, orange, strawberry; whichever combinations suites you and natural ingredient H2O water.

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Essentials of Roselle plants (Zobo leave)

As it turns out, Hibiscus flower is extremely healthy and has a ludicrous amount of vitamins and minerals, ranging from vitamins for your nervous system to immune system boosters and natural fats.

Here are some essential nutrients zobo leaves gives:

  • Vitamins A and C combined together strengthens the immune system to fight against diseases especially for our aging parents to retain their lung strength.
  • Vitamin B2 for healthy nervous system and helps in the effective function of the cardiovascular.
  • Vitamin B3 maintaining brain function and healthy skin, protein, iron, calcium for strong bones and teeth and to prevent bone related diseases.
  • With Sodium, natural fats, potassium, and phosphorus among others you can be sure to regain loss appetite due to the anti-bacterial properties found in Zobo drink.

Having known these let’s take a quick one on the more amazing health benefits of zobo drink.

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Zobo Drink and Fertility

The amazing health benefits of zobo drink in connection to fertility is that it helps in sperm quality. It’s popularly assumed that only women experience infertility but the truth is men also are prone to this.

One great health benefits of zobo for men is how it boosts sperm quality. A regular intake of Zobo drink complimented with ginger can aid in the ability of the man to be able to make her conceive.

Zobo Drink and Diabetes

Health benefits of zobo drink and diabeties

Diabetes is a critical health condition and it could be that a person has high blood glucose (i.e blood sugar) either because there is inadequate production of insulin or maybe the person’s body cells do not respond properly to insulin or both situations.

Chai diabetes isn’t a good one at all. According to a research it was said that diabetes is long-term condition that causes high sugar level.

Because of the sour taste of zobo drink there’s need to add sugar but this is optional though, but the question is what quantity? And also, is it safe for a diabetic patient?

I’m not in the medical line but with my findings, it all depends on what type of diabetes and also it should be proportioned. Some said it may be hereditary or self-caused; so for those who can consume sugar like tomorrow no dey continue o.

The health benefits of zobo drink and zobo leaves makes it safe for a diabetic patient. It’s leaves wouldn’t put a diabetic patient at risk.

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Zobo Drink and Weight Loss

health benefits of zobo drink and weight loss

There hadn’t been concrete evidence as regards zobo drink and weight loss, but remember that these Zobo leaf can be prepared with some complements isn’t?

These complements if not proportionally added can cause the reverse of weight loss which is weight gain, so one need to be discreet about this.

We all know that in this part of our country there’s high intake of foods rich in carbohydrate which would result in enormous weight gain whereby gym becomes a place to visit.

There’s production of amylase – an enzyme produced by the body to break down complex starches and sugar, therefore the high fiber in Zobo leaves (Roselle) can aide digestion which can inhibit the production of amylase.

Including this nutritious drink on your menu can prevent too much consumption of sugar or carbohydrate.

Zobo Drink and Ulcer

ulcer health benefits of Nigerian zobo

Stomach ulcer or peptic ulcer has loss of appetite as one of its symptoms and I said earlier on that due to the nutrients contained in Roselle leaf, zobo drink can rekindle that lost appetite to be gained.

But the question is, is zobo drink safe for drinking as an ulcer patient? Remember it’s also caffeinated and that can affect someone suffering from ulcer as it can irritate such one.

Zobo drink and Pregnancy

Zobo drink and pregnancy

I must state here that there are pros and cons. Consuming zobo drink if you wish to be pregnant can influence increased blood stream and thus results in menstrual cycle.

That is indirectly consuming zobo drink as a contraceptive for abortion (that’s in this context) and I’m sure you don’t want that right?

It’s not safe for a pregnant woman as it would affect the unborn baby or babies depending on which you would be having, there would be low body weight as a result of regular intake of Zobo drink so prevention is better at least it’s just for 9 months na.

But the good news is; if it’s taken in moderation the benefit of zobo drink for pregnancy is the contained antioxidant in it to prevent both mum and baby from harmful germs in the environs. But don’t drink during first trimester please.

Zobo Drink and Breastfeeding

Health benefit of zobo drink and breastfeeding
Image Source: Women’s Health

While breastfeeding a female child, it’s not safe to consume zobo drink as the effect would tell on the female child whereby it onset puberty is delayed and the mother would also gain excess weight at post natal.

What about if it a male child? Well, Roselle leave is rich in caffeine which could result in overactive and restlessness of the child.

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Zobo Drink and Menstruation

Health benefits of zobo drink and menstruation

For our gorgeous women, you know our cycle is inevitable until we pass menopause, some of us who might be experiencing abnormality during menstruation especially bleeding; consuming a glass of this beverage would relief you of the pain.

The health benefits of zobo drink found in the dried extracted edible calyx of hibiscus sabdariffa is highly enriched in vitamin C and Iron which can aid the release of delayed menstrual cycle in women. It also stimulates the woman’s menstrual cycle.

Does Zobo Drink Give Blood?

Does zobo drink give blood - benefits of zobo drink

Yes it does as it increases the packed cell volume in the body. this can be seen as it stimulates the blood stream. You should also check these 25 amazing facts about blood.

If you’re low on blood kindly subscribe to a regular intake of zobo drink you can please not add sugar or probably add to taste but I’d suggest you do a combination of the compliments discussed above.

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Last Notes on Health Benefits of Zobo Drink

There you have my list on health benefits of zobo drink. Of course there more benefits which include:

  • Zobo leaves help treat dandruff
  • Zobo drink serves as laxative and tonic
  • Zobo drink is good for strong bones and teeth
  • Hibiscus tea helps fight depression and treats constipation.

I hope you found these amazing health benefits of zobo drink informative and helpful. Please use the comment box below, we’d love to hear from you.




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