Meet Wizkid’s Children And Baby Mamas

Most of our favorite male celebrities have children despite being single, these children are usually born to them by women they were once in a relationship with.

In this article, we will be meeting the lovely children and baby mamas of popular Nigerian musician and songwriter, Wizkid. The music star is blessed with three cute children who are born to him by different women.

Below is the picture of the three cute children born to Wizkid by Oluwanisola Ogudugu, Jada Pollock, and Binta Diallo.

Meet Three Beautiful Ladies Who Are Mothers Of Wizkid’s Children.

#1. Oluwanisola Ogudugu

Oluwanisola Ogudugu is the first baby mama of the music star and also the is the mother of Wizkid’s first son. Despite being married to another man, Shola still spends a good time with her son. Below are pictures of Shola and her cute son.

#2. Binta Diamond Diallo.

Binta Diamond Diallo gives birth to Wizkid’s second son, Ayo Balogun Junior in January 2016. Benita Diamond is a Guinean vixen who stays with her son, Ayo in the United States of America. Here are lovely pictures of the young boy and her mother.

#3. Jaden Pollock

Jada Pollock is the third baby mama of Wizkid. Jade is a popular talents manager who is also the international manager of Wizkid. She is the mother of Zion, the last child of the Nigerian artist.

Wizkid is known for Flaunting his children in his music videos, events, and other social gatherings, sometimes he pays them visits whenever they are with their mothers.

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